Fur Services & Fur Storage

Taking care of your precious fur pieces is essential to their vitality and longevity! At DeMay Furs, Ltd. we serve the area as an industry leader in cleaning, storage, and other fur services! Better preserve your furs with Climate Controlled Cold Storage ($1 -$45). Climate controlled at 50 degrees and 50% humidity, your furs will stand the test of time and be preserved for years to come!

If your furs receive a lot of wear and tear it will be essential to bring them in for cleanings. DeMay offers suede cleaning & glazing ranging from $20-$45! Our thorough and experienced hands will revive your piece and bring new life in areas other shops may miss.

In the event your pieces experience any sort of damage, DeMay proudly offers reparative work to mend and restore your fur to new glory! Our repair quotes are often 60%-75% less than what other local furriers may price. Contact us today to discuss your next cleaning or service work!

Leather & Suede Services

DeMay Ltd. is known as the “Best Kept Secret” for Leather & Suede Cleaning. They are nationally known for removing mold, mildew and cat urine without damaging the leather. Dry cleaners have asked how she does it. Her reply: “I guess you would like to know.”

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